Lastova Island to Miljet National Park






Our lobster lunch was divine … have I used that word a hundred times during this week! The scenery wasn’t too shabby either. We jumped in for a swim after lunch … mainly to wash all of the lobster off our hands. Then we motored to Miljet National Park. I slept up on the front deck and Fi read … don’t know what anybody else did.
I really liked the town where we moored on Miljet. We all headed off into the national park and the two lovely lakes. Caught a boat over to a monastery on an island in the lake. A lot of wingeing from the boys. As it turned out we could only visit the church and then of course the boys had a couple of beers.



We were moored at the town of Pomena and we stepped off the boat … walked ten paces and were in the restaurant for dinner. The photo above is the chef preparing our fish for dinner. Below is the fish dished up.

We had a lovely meal … again! Then a great nights sleep as the air con was working … yee-ha! I was pretty excited as I was starting to seriously fade.





Seb buying our muscles for lunch!

We have cruised to our next destination … Kocula Island… currently on anchor off the end of the island. A couple of us have had a swim … I had the biggest … actually I think I get the prize for the most swimming. I love the water … no sharks, no stingers … nothing to get you!

Now awaiting lunch ….. again!!!!!!!


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