Blue Grotto

A bit of excitement this morning when a large police vessel pulled up right in front of us. We called Seb up on deck but he wasn’t phased. We thought we were going to be boarded but he was worried. As it turned out they had officials on board that were going to do spot audits on the restaurants.

Bisevo Island was lovely … the bay was divine and swimming outstanding. We have run out of superlatives already. We swam for ages, Pete, Fi and I snorkelled … not a lot to see, but snorkelling is one of my favourite things because it is so peaceful.

The photo above is the lunch that Gasper served us. What can I say? We had one bottle of chilled Pinot Noir from Gasper’s vineyard and it was so lovely we asked for another one. We were given a funny look, then out came dessert….

Fruit salad laden with sparkling wine, rum and I reckon about a bottle of vodka. One serving and we all had the giggles. Seb and Gasper were watching us from below and laughing at us. Consequently we didn’t need the second bottle of red.

Lunch was followed by a sleep for all. Followed by more swimming and then late afternoon we went ashore on our cute little rubber ducky. The boys had packed a little esky and we went for a big walk up into the hills to a deserted village.

By the time we got back it was dark and Seb and Gasper were waiting for us in the restaurant …

Seb had pre-ordered our meal …

We had a lovely evening dining just meters from the water. The trip home was funny … Robbie had had a few and decided that she had to hang on to the gorgeous Gasper on the way home …

All in all a fabulous day. Up at a reasonable time … lovely breakfast, a dunk in the water, now waiting at the Blue Grotto for our turn to be taken in by one of the local boats.

John and Pete stressed … not!


…. about half an hour later, we have been picked up from Mon Cheri and taken into the Blue Groto directly … it was stunning …






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