image Who is steering this boat?

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon during a long motorised trip … not a lot to hit, so the boys played a game of logic with pegs … the Slovenian boys stitched them up from what I could hear.

…. now, I need to step back a day. After the blue grotto we headed to the Bay of Perna on the Island of Viz.

Robyn, Fi and I jumped in and swam into shore with our Croation swimming shoes on and walked up the beautiful pebble beach and had a quick look at the vineyards.

Our swim was followed by a superb lunch cooked by Seb and Jasper …




I know I keep posting a lot of photos of food … but it is hard not to be impressed. The peppers were stuffed with mince, rice and mushrooms in a tomato broth. It was light and divine. After lunch it was time for a well earned rest on the back of the deck. Life is tough on Mon Cheri!



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