Beautiful Croatia – Solta Island

We arrived at the Seget Donji Marina where Mon Cheri is moored. Fabulous marina with a “Yacht Club” complex, which included a pool. Mon Cheri was all locked up so we had lunch at the yacht club and relaxed. Seb’s parents Milan and Minka arrived with our deckhand Gasper, who is the loveliest Slovenian boy. Great to see Milan and Minka. Of course we had to have a drink and a big chat at the yacht club, followed by a glass of champagne on Mon Cheri once Gasper had prepared the boat for us.

Minka had prepared a meal for us before she left home in Slovenia, so we had fabulous stuffed peppers onboard. Then we went for a big walk along the waterfront. It is a very untouristy area, so we loved it. Just the locals all out walking and eating ice-creams. All of the local men were sitting around chatting.

John and I slept onboard the night and Minka insisted that we have the master cabin … which is divine. So we feel very spoilt, but I am loving it.


Gasper prepared a lovely breakfast for us on board then John headed off for a massage at the marina. Milan, Minka, John and I headed to the beach. Minka is an artist, so we got the aquarelles out and she drew a fabulous rooster and gave me an art lesson. Milan and John did exercises on the beach and we all had a swim, followed by a great seafood lunch.

Pete and Fi arrived and we sorted out the van and gave Milan and Minka a quick rundown, then it was time for me to have a massage, followed by Fi who also had a massage. By the time I got back to the boat another bottle of Champagne was happening. Seb arrived and John and I were very excited to see him. Next to arrive were Terry and Robyn. So the whole crew had arrived by then and we had a drink at the yacht club … of course.

Then it was time for Seb, Fi and I to head off in his car to the supermarket and organise provisions … well enough for a couple of days. Robyn and Terry unpacked and we managed to get all bags out of the boat and into the cars.

Just as the sun was setting we motored out. The six of us sitting on board having a spritza … Gasper did the whole cast off and we just sat there and relaxed. As we motored out the moon … which was one day off full, rose into the sky. It was absolutely divine.


As we motored into Solta it was dark and it looked lovely under lights.

Docking was completed very smoothly with Gasper doing all of the work. Fabulous mooring … best spot of course … Seb always gets the best spots because he is so well known in Croatia.

The six of us and Seb headed up into the hills to a new restaurant that Seb hadn’t been to before … we never would have found it without him. Gasper of course joined us after he had closed the the boat up.

We had a great shared meal of bbq meat, homemade pasta and shrimp. Copious red and white.

Back to the boat for a goodnight rum and coke and in bed way too late at 1.30 am.

Up this morning, lovely breakfast … Gasper had been to the bakery and bought burek … traditional turkish strudel with fresh cheese. Seb said that there is a big Turkish influence on the Croatian food from back in the day when they used to rape and pillage the Bulkans.

We also had beautiful fresh fruit, fabulous coffee, from the onboard coffee machine, boiled eggs, fresh bread with vegemite and homemade plum jam.

Then I went and jumped in the little bay next to the marina.



Now we are motoring to Bisevo Island which is a small island next to Vis Island where we will stay the night. No wind this afternoon, so no sailing, but all happy. Boys drinking beer, ladies doing blogs.


  1. Oh, Croatia, so lovely. Sounds wonderful. Didn’t like the look of theTeddy Bear they left in the master bedroom, looked a bit like John. I am looking forward to more beautiful photos.

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