Ciao Italy

Well it is ciao ciao to Italy for a while and ciao ciao to Scotty who flew back to Australia. He will be travelling with a huge hangover as he and Lars got on it together last night. I woke up about 4 am to this really loud snoring and went … I know that snoring … It is Lars!

We had a fabulous two and a half weeks with Scotty and the three of us are scheming for another holiday together next year … Hopefully with Pete and fi involved!

Well the regatta is all over red rover. Very disappointingly the last day yielded no racing … not enough wind early on. We were all barracking for Simon from the uk to win … He had won four races and had gotten two seconds. The split fleet and drops were very weird and a Dane ended up winning who had only gotten two firsts. It didnt make things any better that he is a yeller out on the water and probably one of the least popular guys. An Aussie … Mark bulka (not sure of spelling) got a well deserved third.

John said it was one of the best regattas he has ever sailed in. Well done Italy! We look forward to loads more regattas in this country.

Next … Croatia tomorrow. We won’t have much Internet for the next three weeks … So that will be interesting for my addicted husband!

Ciao for now!





  1. Dear Lyn So good to hear from u last Friday-gave me such a lift. Really enjoy your account of your day to day living-can travel whilst I read. Love to John tell him we plan to go to the footie reunion in Bowen. Also we sold the Breadalbane Bullock Paddock by Action & Rod Barrett bought it. Sue & husband Terry Vail are involved. Reasonable price in current market. We’re working hard at getting our block prepared / fencing, yards, branding etc. I’m praying for good staff! I’m sure you’ll have a marvellous trip to Croatia. Love to all. Take care. Miss you Love God Bless MA. XX

    Mary-Anne 0418097308 Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Ma lovely to hear from you. We just arrived at the marina where the boat is. Beautiful Croatia! No one here, found Internet … Sitting at the yacht club, just ordered lunch by the pool. Looking forward to this trip immensely. About to stick my foot in the water to see how cold it is. Glad the block sold for a reasonable price. Hope things pick up for you staff wise. Lyn xxx

  2. Hey Linnie, Your blogs are amazing and get jealous as he’ll when I read them..Love the photos!!!!!Can’t wait to get there to catch up with Bo of you and Fi and Peter.!!!,
    see you tomorrow!!!

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