More Gravedona





Here are some better photos of Gravedona … See why I love it!

Tuesday night the club had a “grill night”. Now I know that approx 350 people is a lot to cook for but this is what they served!


If you think it looks bad … You have no idea how bad it tasted. Add the fact that I had a huge reaction to either the red wine or the trees we were sitting under … Streaming eyes, and it was a bit of a disaster for me. Scotty and I left, quickly followed by John and Lars. Scotty and Lars went and had a pizza and John and I got a gelati.

Then last night was the gala night in a beautiful old building … Sit down dinner and it was fabulous. We had a bit of a dilemma because I hadn’t bought a ticket, then we found out that there were none left for sale. I just hadn’t got around to doing it. We knew that there were some sailors that weren’t attending so decided it was worthwhile me turning up. We had a few strategies in place to get me in, but as we arrived the girls at the front desk were occupied, so the three of us just very quickly scaled the stairs and we were in … Easy peasy! A well worn mcLean trick. As it turned out and as we had guessed there were actually spare seats.

Scotty (second from left) with some of the crazy Italian sailors.

One of the girl’s toenails … It is the Contender symbol … I promise I will never be as bad a sailing groupie as that!

John, Lars and roger out on the balcony … Lars thought that maybe at the end of the night we should jump over and swim home! Instead we walked and he took us to this church that from the outside looked like a strip joint … But this is what was inside … Amazing!

It is hard to capture it in a photo … But there was this huge scene that went from summer to winter with moving parts, snow falling the whole shebang!


  1. Lovely to get all the lovely photos what a great time I am so glad you are enjoying it so much Won’t be long till the stonrs arrive Got Ian home Barbara came for him his last words were see you next year Not if I can help it I think I will have to go sway Michael and jo have gone to margies funeral very sad Had agood night with Noel and rob watching state of origin Going to airlie for lunch tomorrow with golf girls not like your fab meals Jan and crew left Friday so I will miss them Harry won sea food raffle so I have to cook for them tonight so better get busy Glad you are enjoying sailing so much John Love mum

    Sent from my iPad

  2. No pasta with your meal….that says it all; what were they thinking? I think the toe nails look good, Lyn…go for it!
    All good here. Looks like Emma and the billy lids will be coming to stay in Sep’t…”.happy days are here again ” he burst into song.

    Take it easy,


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