Random photos




This is an example of one of the signs up near the Bernina Pass. There are walking tracks everywhere and they don’t appear to be that hard going. You can catch several trains a day from different stations up in the mountains. Something to research and think about doing one day.

The boys had their first couple of races yesterday. John is happy with his boat and has been given lots of tips while training. The wind came in which was great … 15 – 18 …perfect. Scotty got into a spot of bother in the second race and retired, but he can drop that one. Something got stuck under the rudder and he couldn’t steer … A part of the boat gripping or something. It is a hired boat and hasn’t had much love of late. Yesterday and today are the pre worlds and the worlds start on Tuesday, although I think there is a practice race on Monday.

We had a quiet night last night. I cooked bruschetta and pasta with fig salad, then we all went to bed.

Today I had the best beauty treatments ever. The girl that did my pedicure had more implements for ridding dead skin than a neurosurgeon! It is a lovely non touristy village and everyone is loving it here.

I am about to go and do some laps in the public pool … It is about 10 degrees warmer than the lake.

I think I am doing painting lessons with one of the Danish women each afternoon next week. She found out about it and was sorting it out. It is about 25 km away but she has a car. Apparently the teacher is also Danish … Hope she can speak English. Will find out more about this this afternoon I hope. I have met susannah before and she just came up to me in the street and asked if I would like to do it, and I thought … Why not!

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