Last nights italian feast in our apartment. I have had to very quickly learn some Italian dishes as there are only italian ingredients in the supermarket. Not a jar of curry paste in sight.

Yesterday I relaxed a lot and then took myself off to the town pool … It is 10 degrees warmer than the lake. Managed to get 12 laps in before it started to rain and they made everyone get out of the pool. Will go earlier today before the afternoon storm hits.

We were joined by one of the Melbourne boys for dinner and a sleepover as his wife booked a house up the hill about 5 km then proceeded to take the car off to Switzerland for a couple of days … Good work!

There was a guitar festival happening in the village so we enjoyed that for a little while, then Shaun pealed off to bed, John stayed and Scotty and I went I to town for a gelati. There were people queued up for ages, I think the whole town was there … All sitting around enjoying the summer weather. It was great to sit there while enjoying our ice cream and people watch.

This village is great because it isn’t touristy at all … Although 180 sailors and their entourages have swelled the ranks. The village is as neat as a pin … Beautifully clipped lawns and flower pots and gardens everywhere. It is a credit to them. As it is school holidays there are lots of Italian families in the caravan parks enjoying the sunshine. I am even getting used to the language and don’t feel like I am in a bad Godfather movie anymore!


  1. Hi Lyn….really loving your blog…as usual feel like we are there with you…..wonder if i could pick your brain? Next Tuesday we hopefully (??) arrive in Pienza for 10 days…the full entourage…Al, Me, George, Zac, Dan, Carla and my beautiful little Gabi…..have you got any suggestions for that part of Southern Tuscany.? i kind of remember from one of your previous blogs (that i now can’t find) that you suggested a small place for a night…and i think it was near where we are….I have been thinking (as Tour Leader ..:(((…) that Montalcino, Siena, San Gimgnano, Monteriggioni and Montepulciano were close enough to be candidates for a visit….maybe the kids will strike out for Cinque Terre while i mind Gabi….have been preparing for the trip and felt great…four solid back to back weeks of my exercises etc…and what happened? Slipped on something a couple of days ago, and in the process of saving myself tore a hamstring and compromised a glue…i can’t beieive it….trip of the decade and i can only walk dragging my leg behind me…:((…anyway, guess i will wait and see what happens….However, stopping the whinging…have you any suggestions for me?

    Love to you both…you seem to be having a wonderful time…..JKxxx

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