St moritz

Wednesday morning I met Pete and Fi downstairs at 6.15 am as we were heading to St Moritz on the Bernina Express.

We caught the bus up the road to a town called Colico. We organised tickets and caught a train to Torino where we caught the Bernina Express at 10.15 am to St Moritz. It was a two hour journey and the scenery was spectacular.

We had just over an hour in St Moritz so we wandered down to the lake and then up into the town. I had been there last year in May and it was completely dead. It wasn’t any livelier in early July. We went in to the Chanel shop as we didn’t bother in Paris as there was a queue and I don’t do queues.

Saw these gentleman who walked straight from the Palace Hotel, crossed the road with their six dogs and then straight into the ritzy shopping arcade.

Then we found the Swiss chocolate shop where we agonised over what to buy.

Fi making her selection!

The train trip back was an ordinary train … Not like the panoramic one on the way up.

Pete of course fell straight asleep, only to be woken by the very officious little Swiss female conductor who tried to fine him 25 Swiss Francs for putting his feet up on the seat. Fi and I tried not to giggle during this transaction where Pete feigned ignorance and said he was asleep and didn’t have any money.

Fi had a great time on the way back as you could pull the windows down and get direct access to photos. So she had about four open, while the rest of the passengers froze, and she jumped from one side to the other! Ha! She has so much energy. I was done, so played four picks one word all the way back.

Back to Torino again to wait for another train. Then when we got back to Colico, exhausted, we had just missed a bus …of course the Italians don’t line up bus and train travel, which meant we had another 1 hour 50 minute wait for a bus. No way was I doing that so went back into the train station and kept trying people until I found someone who would call a taxi for me. Five minutes later, while Pete was trying to hitch, a limo turned up … How much mate? … 25 euro, beauty we are in! Best decision I have made in a while. He was lovely and the half hour journey was very pleasant.

Arrived home in time for drinks with Scotty and John and then over to the restaurant across the road which was great. Scotty took charge as it was Pete and Fia’s last night and ordered champagne and after the main a great dessert for everyone, including Paul and Jantine, who had joined us.

Back to the apartment to drain the last of the bottle of limoncello! And of course Swiss chocolate. Another great night and another hangover!

Up not too early today, to send Pete and Fi off on their adventure in the van. They are staying in Italy tonight, then will probably head to Lake Bled in Slovenia tomorrow.

Scotty, John and I have had a quiet day at the apartment and it has been great. Time to detox for me and the boys to get ready for the Pre Worlds.



  1. It all looks so nice, I wish I was there.
    Keep going and telling us your aventures I enjoy reading.
    Take care

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