The real sightseeing, Como

This is a gorgeous church at Gravedona, right next to where we are staying … The bells are peeling 12 noon as I write this.

This is where the boys will be launching.

So what really happened was that we all headed off on Tuesday to go sightseeing to Bellagio and Menaggio. We caught the slow ferry from Gravedona and disembarked in bellagio. Pete had left the ferry map in the dunny, so Fi and I headed to the tourist information to get a new one. In the meantime the boys picked up a brochure and decided that we would be going to a 10 euro smorgasbord for lunch … Which as you can imagine was pretty dodgy. They had their fill then found a park and proceeded to fall asleep under a tree.

Fi and I took off and went sightseeing. We had a good wander up and down the very cute little streets of Bellagio and miraculously the boys turned up just as the ferry arrived to take us to Menaggio. When we arrived there we all went to the tourist information where the boys discovered there was internet. Fi and I took off once again in search of a couple of art galleries and a wander in general … About an hour … Came back and the boys were still in the tourist information! Dragged them out and we all had a gelati.


We headed for the waterfront and the boys lay on a park bench while Fi and I once again took off andexplored. We found a mulberry tree and ate the berries which were really sweet and juicy and took lots of photos. It really is drop dead gorgeous scenery.

Went back and told the boys that there was a beach so they jumped in.

The fast ferry only went as far as Dongo so we disembarked there and walked 40 minutes along the waterfront back to the van and apartment. That night the boys cooked fried chicken and salad. Drank too much again!


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