Greve Italy

From Sansimignamo we headed to Siena as I had always wanted to see the square there … After a lot of driving around trying to find somewhere to park for a couple of hours we managed to walk there in a bit of drizzle. I’m afraid that I was really disappointed … Have seen way nicer squares in Pamplona and Salamanca, Spain. Nevermind … You win some, you lose some … I am rarely disappointed which is great.

Then we headed to a non description town near a motorhome dealer as we needed a new leisure battery. Managed that the next day, then headed into the Tuscan hills just driving around. Stopped up in a town called Donino. We wandered further up into the hills by foot and came across a gorgeous hotel up on its own in the countryside. Went in and enquired about prices … It was so cheap 85 euro for room and breakfast and it was divine. It was called Hotel Panitino and was an old convent. If ever you are in Tuscany give it a go.

Back down the hill for a sumptuous new recipe at Jemima Restaurant? Ha! ( Jemima the Hymer!) We have been eating hardly any meat … It is so much easier not to worry about keeping it perfectly refrigerated. So lots of tuna, salmon … Fresh when we can and tinned otherwise. With big salads and lots of fruit each day. Then the odd glass of vino.

This is where we camped last night … Great view of the hills in the background … Bit hard to see here.

The park next to the van where we did our morning exercises.

John with squashed banana on his face. He read somewhere that it is good for your complexion … So after we shared a banana and blueberries for morning tea, decided to squash the remains from the skin on his face and drove around like that. He is mad! I made him get it off when we stopped at a vineyard and had a wine tasting.

We have arrived at a great free aire in Greve, have had lunch and now are riding out a mother of a storm! …. Lying in bed drinking tea and playing iPads …. Just looked over to John and he has more squashed banana on his face … What an idiot.

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  1. Hey John, Do you think it will catch on? Lyn, Methinks you are a bit of a round peg in a square anyway!

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