John enjoying one of Italy’s most iconic tourist destinations San Gimignamo … listening to State of Origin on his ipad … Listening … Can’t even see it!

I have been here before many years ago and found it too touristy to bare. This time there doesn’t seem to be anywhere the amount of tourists. It certainly is a beautiful hilltop town. The scenery in Tuscany really is outstanding.

Yesterday visited Volterra which was another lovely hilltop town. Last night we slept up on the top of a hill overlooking the scenery. Unfortunately they had just slashed the grass at the Romano teatro … The remains of a beautiful old outdoor roman theatre and I got the worst case of hayfever I have had in years … Just went to bed at 5 and basically stayed there. Bit better today.

The weather is lovely … Sunny, cool in the shade … Blue skies and big fluffy white clouds. We woke up this morning to see the landscape whited out with mist.



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  1. Isn’t it a lovey place I like johns hat Had a lovely lunch at the GV for lorelle who is leaving montes all the girls came Went to rob and Noel’s to watch the game n s w were far the best so hope we go better next time Have Abigail weekend coming up so having a quiet day today Keep well love mum

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