Near Mulhouse, France … Eastern border

John writing business emails in the van with my washing on the dashboard in the background … Complete trailer trash!

The sun has finally come out, so we aren’t moving far. Did a big days drive yesterday through, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and ended in Germany. Went for a medium walk yesterday afternoon. I quit early as I was sick of the rain. John found a young fellow called George who lives in the village. He showed John how to get up to a knoll in the centre of the town. They had a big chat, George had been to Australia and found the people lovely so he was determined to be nice to John.

Today we were up fairly early and as it was not raining went for a big walk … Up to the knoll of course, through the vineyards and to the old church. About 1 1/2 hours … Lovely for it not to be raining.

I even managed to strip down to a tshirt … Bliss!

We are going to hang around this area for a couple of days while the weather is good. We crossed back into France to do a big shop and will stay on this side of the border for a bit.

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