Near Bern Switzerland

Guess where we are!!!!!! They sell meatballs that are hopefully no longer made of horse!

The weather has turned bad … Nevermind. We are heading into Italy. We were pulled over by the Swiss police. We thought it might have been because the mast sticks way out from the trailer. No … We were speeding. Apparently you can only do 80 km per hour if you are towing a trailer. As it is the first time we have towed a boat in Europe we weren’t aware of that. Luckily they didn’t have the equipment In their car to clock the speed. They took about half an hour checking our drivers licences and finding out about the registration of the trailer … on their mobile phone. Because in England it has to be the same as your vehicle and it is registered in England. As it turns out the Hymer guys lost the number plate when they replaced the back of the van so John had to make one up. That didn’t seem to worry them though. In the end they just said to slow down and let us go. He was a lovely young fellow.

We just had two nights in a country aire at Montreau chateaux … The sun was out so I got lots of walking in along the lovely canal with boats and swans. Straight path … Heaven for this old body.

Not sure how far we will get tonight … It will be slow going at 80 km per hour … We will be going through … Not over … the Italian alps …. I hope!

Jack and Buck know how much I like mountains!

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