Han sur lesse, Belgium

I arrived into Charleroi airport and it didn’t seem as cold as where I had just left.

Airports are always a pain for the van … Worse when you are trailing a boat.

John and I sorted it out by texts and I found him In a traffic queue to get into the car parking area.

All went really well until the exit barrier wouldn’t take our credit card … It actually swallowed it. So we buzzed the guy. Luckily there was no-one behind us so John could back up a bit. Then he took the boat off and I walked it back out of the way. Several more cars arrived and there was a bit of chaos. John was remarkably calm, which was great. The guy eventually arrived and sorted everyone out as it wasn’t just us.

We found somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea and make a rough plan, then wondered around some retail shops, bought some food from Aldi, then hit the road in the direction of Luxembourg. I picked a town with an aire about an hour away which turned to out to be a perfect little tourist town.

We went for an hour and a half walk. Believe it or not a part of the Camino ran through the town. What a fluke!

The weather was really good yesterday … As in it wasn’t raining … Still three layers though. We decided to work on the van and get everything organised. I had to go through all of the cupboards to see what was in them. No undies … Bugger! Plenty of ugly black clothes though! I either get to look like a trekker or trailer trash! Ha!

Then we had a big bush walk along the Camino … Two hours of lovely countryside. Then back to the van and cleaned out the water system … Which was a job well done. We had added an anti fungal and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then dropped all the water and we could spray the tank out. So nice fresh water.

When we sorted out all the gear we put our spare books and maps on a seat and had a garage sale … Without charging. All of the other motorhomes took what they wanted.

Today we woke up to miserable weather, so packed up everything and headed off in the direction of Milan. Stopped in Luxembourg for cheap fuel. Garage packed.

Currently in France. The rough plan is to head to where the Etchell Worlds are being held in Rosignano on the west coast of the boot .. Sort of near Florence. John might look for a ride on a boat or do some contender training. I will try and walk as much as I can. I might head to la spezia and to the cinque terra walk. But as you know, the plan is the plan always changes!

I had an email from Mandi who is doing the Le Puy route with Mary rose Ramsden and she said they walked through light snow all day. I’m glad I left now. They are taking it a bit steadier than I did … In retrospect I should have done shorter distances.

John had a nice time in Cullemborg, Holland, where he was well looked after by Paul and Jantine, who helped him get his contender trailer ready for the trip south.

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