La grange des enfants


I had a fabulous day today … After I left the nasty little hotel that I was staying at. It was horrible!

Onwards and upwards … I stepped out into I reckon about 3 degrees and had a pleasant walk on my own for about 2 hours … Talking to donkeys and cows … They are huge up here and beautiful!

Then I came across a town and went into a public toilet which was quite reasonable. Another French pelerine tried to talk to me … I told her I couldn’t speak French and she asked me where I was from. I said Australia and then another lady said “so am I!”

I headed out knowing that she would catch up with me which she did and we walked together for about an hour and then went and had coffee. There were lots of conversations happening in the coffee shop and I met another Australian, Ruth, who was also travelling alone.

Angela, first Australian, had been walking with an American farmer named John from Iowa. He walked in then and I met him. Lovely bloke.

So I walked with a Angela and John for another two hours … We had a break for lunch … Soup and tea. Which was very welcome because it was very cold. We had been walking on the main traffic road because the Camino was flooded in this section. I was so glad that I ran into them because I wouldn’t have known.

Eventually we came to the road that I had to walk down to get me back on the Camino … They decided to stay on the road into nasbinals. My gite was before nasbinals so I had to head off.

I walked for another hour and then decided to have another coffee and talked to a nice German couple from dusseldorf. They had stayed on the Camino and they said it was terrible. They had mud and had to climb over rocks and try not to fall in the mud. I thanked my lucky stars that I had run into Angela.

Left there and found my gite. I thought I had died and gone to heaven this place is divine and run by a lovely young couple with small children. It was pot luck really. The place I originally tried was “complete” so picked this one 7.5 km further. As it turns out It is a Maison d’hôtel and has five rooms.

I am upstairs with a huge bath and shower. It is really lovely. The windows are low … Designed for you to be able to look out while you are sitting down, in the Bath and in bed. The scenery is beautiful …a lot nicer looking at it than walking in it freezing cold!

So a fabulous day on the Camino. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Just returned to Oz and catching up on your walking news. Sounds as if you are doing well. Hope the rest of the Camino is good and weather treatsbyou kindly.

  2. HI Lyn….you are so tough kiddo…sounds like hard conditions but so interesting….I am in hot and humid Singapore with Danny Carla and the gorgeous little Gabriela…quite different than slogging it out on the Camino……the little one is so sweet…seriously… will love it when you get up to this bit!! Stay safe on the Camino…..i am loving following your footsteps..JKx

  3. Fabulous news MUm! I’m so glad you enjoyed the day. All good here – cold, but it sounds like France is colder at the moment!

    I’m off to the Gold Coast for a conference for a few days so I’m hoping for some sunshine! Love you lots xxx

  4. Hi Lyn. Just caught up on your blogs again – such a great way to record all your happenings. Love the photos.. Hope your body is coping with the strain. You are doing an amazing amount of hard work. Such a wonderful way to see the real countryside. 4 weeks tomorrow and we leave to join you. Veryi excited!! Lots of love, Fi.

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