Aumont aubrac


Only walked 7 km today .. 2 hours then some to find hotel which is pretty ordinary so am only staying one night. One good thing it has a flash restaurant attached to it so had a long degustation lunch then fell asleep for two hours. Could have slept longer but had to get up and organise tomorrows accommodation. As it turned out I was too late it was full so have to walk an extra 7.5 km. the topography looks reasonable tomorrow though.

Not much more to repot … I was freezing when I arrived … But I can see blue skies out the window now. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.


  1. You are doing great Lyn! I agree with you that you will get there as you always do.
    Only about 4 weeks until we head off on our trip.
    I love reading the ramblings of a retiree!!!!!!

  2. Keep going you are so brave I would die All ok here beautiful weather played golf with sue and judy McClure yesterday She has just been to tassie to see Eva and they are going to Ayers Rock next week Jan has gone to Singapore for ten days I hope I am doing this ok and you are getting these love joy

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