London – Back to where we started

Xandy took this photo last night at her friend Charlotte’s house. Charlotte is on the left and the other gentleman in the photo is Hooza’s Uncle Johnny.

We had a fabulous night and got to meet a swag of Xandy’s school friends. Uncle Johnny was a bonus, a very interesting vibrant man. Charlotte is a fabulous hostess … too fabulous … apart from Uncle Johnny, we were the last to leave … we have really got to stop doing that!

I had a big win yesterday. Before I left Australia I had been trying to figure out if I was entitled to a British Passport. Two days searching on the net, followed by phone calls to London and Wellington (go figure) still left me confused. So we sat down yesterday morning (in Starbucks) and started researching again to try and figure out where we could go to talk to someone.

Some how I managed to click on a site that talked about local councils providing a service to check your application before you send it off. As it turned out the Chelsea Town Hall was about 50 metres away, so I gave it a go. Got a lovely young man who set me straight immediately. Yes, I am entitled to a British Passport. I had all of the birth certificates etc with me, he printed the forms off, I filled them out last night, raced into the city to catch up with Chris Boshier so he could be a character reference on the forms for me, organised to meet Patricia Camera at Charlotte’s house (passport in hand) to also be a character reference, submitted everything to the lovely young man this morning, didn’t have to send my Australian Passport with it … bingo! Fingers crossed that it all goes through. It will take about 4 months to get my Certificate of Citizenship, then I apply for a British Passport. Couldn’t believe how easy it turned out after getting nowhere from websites!

This is a dress we saw in a window yesterday in Chelsea … isn’t it fabulous … made out of paper!

Having a drink with Chris Boshier after work. Wearing my beautiful new Mothers Day scarf … thanks kids! He works right next to Leaden Hall Markets. As you can see all of the “suits” go for a drink there after work. A lot of the Harry Potter movies were filmed here. It is a fabulous area. All of the shops were shut by the time we got there. It would be interesting to see it during the day and wonder around. Another place in London that I have never been to before.


This is the building where Chris works … right next door. Could you get two more contrasting architectural structures than this. It looks like a distillery … it is Lloyds!

We are staying at a house in Chelsea. It is owned by a sailing friend and is marked for refurbishment. It will be fabulous when it is refurbed … but at the moment it is a riot. There are two young people living there temporarily. Wes … and lovely African Londoner who is doing courses between careers, and Lisa, a young American girl nannying and doing some unpaid work in schools to see if she likes it.

There is one cup, one bowl, one plate and a frypan. One out of the three toilets work … you just have to be careful not to fall down the 10 foot drop down into the cellar when you go! We have a bedroom upstairs … Marcos very kindly had a bed moved in for us and delivered some freshly laundered sheets for us. Apart from that as you can imagine it is pretty basic. As I said … back to where we started! We lived in a similar house in Acton 35 years ago! I think that John is trying to pretend he is 22 again! Unfortunately I’m not! Never fear … I have a very nice little hotel booked in Paris for Friday and Saturday night … luxury!


  1. What good photos thanks all ok here Michael not so sore today No news all bck to normal after Andrews party poor Robyn reader got the shingles but she was Very good and didn’t complain we had a great weekend No news love joy

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