London – Street performers

Check this guy out! The little boy is trying to work out how he does it. I am still trying to work it out!

This guy gives it away though. He is obviously sitting on something. Clever though. This isn’t actually a good photo … that black stand is in the background. It looks like he is sitting in mid air.

These photos were taken in Covent Garden. We headed there to go to the Apple store. It is a great area. Neither John nor I can remember being there before. The outdoor shops are also there, so I picked up a few things that I needed. Silk sheet, slick for my feet … way better than Vaseline.

The plan has fallen into place. I am catching the train on Friday to Paris for two nights. Very excited. Staying near the Eiffel Tower this time as it is closer to where I am dropping my big bag off.

John is heading to Hayling Island for contender sailing. Water temperature will be slightly different than Barbados!

I will be busy washing clothes and doing a serious pack into my very tiny backpack. I would love to take my camera … but too much weight. I am slapping myself around the head and trying to remember “the lighter the better” so iphone camera it is.

Trying to catch up with Xandy who is arriving in London later this afternoon. Maybe coffee or breakfast tomorrow … hopefully!

Off to do some research on the British Passport situation for me.


  1. my son enjoyed seeing these guys too last time we walked through here. They sit or stand on a metal frame that goes up the pole, through the arm sleeve and then down to a platform – counterbalanced by a metal base stand under their carpet.

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