Just arrived in London this morning. The weather was amazing and we got through immigration and had our bags in 30 minutes … Gatwick. Great flight with Virgin … I think they are my favourite airline. Especially when they upgrade me to Premium Economy because they buggered up our flights.

I am putting a challenge out to all of my friends. My lovely mother-in-law has managed to work out how to post a comment on my blog. Isn’t she clever. Why don’t you give it a go! Thanks to those people who already have … It is nice to hear from people.

We have a couple of days here and then we split up for 5 weeks or more. I am heading to Paris Friday or Saturday … a couple of days there to get organised and leave my big bag there. Then a train to Le Puy. Current estimated departure on the walk is Monday or Tuesday.

John is going sailing down the south of England on the weekend and flying to Dortmund on Wednesday morning. Picking up the van, having a night with Sonja and Jochen and then driving to Holland for another regatta.

Sitting in an Apple Store. John has a phone again! Yeah!


  1. Lyn…your adventure seems so exciting….i have missed the first parts of the bog…where are you heading to for the walk? Bon voyage kiddo…i hope i will learn to navigate your blog before too much longer so i can follow you..:((…have to talk to Zax…xxx

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