En route to le puy

A quick photo from the train …. Finally on my way. I have just had two days in Paris … A great meal at le clarisse rue surcouf in the 7th. I just went wandering and found it. It was empty as it was a long weekend in Paris and every one was out of town which was great for me. Great little hotel … 7eiffel …Very small room but very quiet and central … Everything a traveller could want nearby … A clean laundromat, a Carrefour, boulangerie, a sncf boutique where I purchased my train ticket (always wary of train stations … Great place to get mugged or robbed) so that took the drama out of it, and a good restaurant.

This morning I headed off with my bag and backpack and spotted a great market that was set up around the corner. I wish I had of had time to wonder .

So now I am sitting on the upper deck of a high speed train heading to le puy. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Excited to be starting an adventure but nervous about the walk. My backpack is a tad too heavy, so am I!!! Ha! Knees aren’t too bad but haven’t tried an incline yet.

I finally did some serious research Friday and discovered that the weather isn’t going to be great. As I will be climbing into the mountains there is a high chance of rain and a lot of wind … Creating a wind chill factor of -2. Hadn’t planned on that. So bought some wet weather pants and threw in two woollen tops. I will do more research in le puy before I leave to see if I need to buy a gortex jacket … Really don’t want to though.


  1. Hi Mum

    Great to read your latest posts. Glad you’re enjoying everything and finding new places all the time. Good luck on your first days of the walk.

    Love you lots xx

  2. How good to get your e mail from the train it makes me want to go back to Paris to see all those lovely places again thanks for mums day greetings I had a lovely day and lots of phone calls And avery big afternoon at the pub with my new daughters ?will try and send photo beautiful weather here so am going back to golf today don’t freeze and be careful of those knees jock had a reconstruction last week and is doing really well no more news love joy

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  3. Just read the last 3 blogs Mum, great stuff! Have a fabulous time on the walk! Keeping taking photos, I love seeing them in the blog. Love you xxx

  4. Hey Lyn. We finally stopped being slack and checked out all your posts. All looks fab but am I really challenged by the street artists in London. Hope the walking is going well. You will be very fit by the time we catch you in Paris. Xxxx Fi

  5. Hi Linnie, I am very clever too.! Loved reading your blog and will continue to do so..
    I am so envious of you starting off on your walk I France…I will be with on one for sure in the future.. Keep up the blogging I love it and want one when we go off doing exciting things.

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