Barbados – Sailing all over red rover

This photo shows the chaos in the boat park at the end of the final day of racing for the regatta. There was only one race on Friday and then the boys had to completely de-rigg their boats, pad everything so there will be no damages, and pack them into the containers. This is a huge job as you have to make sure that it is going to clear customs at the other end, and for Australia, that means no sand. There was a lot of sweat happening as it was very hot … can you imagine being in a steel container screwing and tying everything down for several hours. Wow! I assisted with sandwiches and beer … but kept well clear of everything else.

So it was a well deserved celebration that night …


The Australian flag being cheered out!

Last but not least the Barbadian flag being brought out to a huge applause. There was only to be one Bajan boat which was on loan from SAP but unfortunately a container from the West coast of America, containing their boat didn’t make it until the last day. It was a huge disaster for 7 American crews who flew out here, paid nomination and accommodation and didn’t get to sail at all. The container ended up in Trinadad!


The Germans came in at 1,2,3 but Sandy Higgins and Paul Marsh from Australia had a great regatta and came in 5th. They both had their wives and lovely children here … all really lovely people who had an absolute ball in Barbados. This is a photo of them dancing together!

Now for a funny story from Barbados. This is Sam … John’s skipper who is a sheep farmer from NSW who has never been married. During the racing the boys managed to rip two kites and Sammy had to go off to the sailmaker to get them repaired. As it turned out the sailmaker was a chic … and after Sam paid her she went in for the snog! Ha! They ended up having a great night together on the Wednesday night and then she accompanied him on Friday night at the awards evening. She was very vivacious and Sammy had a ball. They ended up in a Rum Bar and I was told that it was all above board … not that it matters! So she made his regatta.

John and Sam didn’t do brilliantly but they got on really well … no yelling or cursing in the boat. They cocked up but just got on with it. That makes for great sailing.


  1. Hi Lyn….wow…love your blog…it is very professional……and love your adventures……’s clear you are having a very colourful, happy and interesting time……i will get back to you when i have digested all the info you have put in……lots of love to you and craze…JKxxxxx

    • Thanks Jan .. as you can imagine there are a lot of stories between the lines that I can’t put in the blog. I will send an email to interested parties including all of the interesting … but slightly censored … for one reason or another stuff. I have just arrived in Paris on my big adventure. The old friend I am leaving the bag with in Paris is one of Lachies old lovers … Kim Pickering … can’t mention that! John is going sailing down the south of England brrrr and then off to pick up the van and more sailing. Talk soon love Lyn … off the the laundromat

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