More honeymoon

Our last night with the honeymooners was a great honesty box campsite at Uig Sands Campsite, Isle of Lewis. Once again there were spotlessly clean toilets, showers and kitchen … this time for 2 pound per head per night!

We had a big bbq at the campsite with all of the crew on our last night with them.  It was a great beach but the tide was waaay out.

There was great hilarity when the frisby ended up in the very cold water and there was a treasure hunt to find it.

The dried petals for confetti was forgotten at the wedding so Gerry decided that they had to be used so he sat El and Bryce down and they copped it.

It ended up being a great night and our biggest party together as the accommodation people couldn’t always be with us at night.  Once again we prepared most of the food out of the van and had the fire pit going for the bbq.  Rhonda brought along a fabulous whole smoked salmon that was devoured for entree.  There was also lots of wedding cake and copious amongs of grog … I was quite surprised how much we plowed through!

The next day we cooked up a huge breakfast and headed to the ferry via the Standing Stones.

Our trip on the ferry back to Ullapool was John and my farewell to the honeymooners as we had to start heading back to Southend on Sea to sort out John’s new Contender.  The others still had three more nights together at Ullapool and Aviemore where I think Darragh booked a house for them all to stay in as a wedding present to Bryce and El … that was the rumoured surprise.

A great week with all of these lovely people … only two of whom we knew previously.  You don’t get that lucky that often … thanks so much guys!


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