A quick zip across Europe into GB


Singapore Airlines redeemed itself on the two legs from Bali to Frankfurt.  I couldn’t fault either flight …. which was great.

Quick pit stop At a cheapy hotel at the airport in frankfurt.  Hire car from there to Dortmund where the van was at the dealer.  Thank you Jochen for dropping it off there for us!  It was a huge help.

We had a lovely visit with Jochen and Sonja and their gorgeous boys Jonathan and Anton.  Sonja very kindly cooked us a great meal … you would have loved it Joe … baked baritos! Yum!

Unfortunately it was our usual rushed visit as we had the ferry booked to cross into England from the Hoek of Holland.  We are definitely setting aside more time this year for a bigger more relaxed visit with them.

On our way across we had a quick visit with Jantine and Paul who have a brand new baby boy.  It was a very quick coffee stop but great to see them.

The morning before we crossed over into Harwich, England we had a fabulous visit at the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam.  We both agreed that they were the most spectacular gardens that we had ever seen.  Millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.  Of course I took a million photos.

The 6.5 hour ferry trip across to England flew past for me because I lay on a leather bench and slept for 5 hours!  A bit jet lagged ya reckon!  We have been on lots of ferries in the european region and it was the best we have ever been on.

First night Morrison Supermarket …. dead tired still and it was late.

The second night was at a great pub … The Three Merry Lads at Sheffield.  We went on a lovely long walk in the afternoon.  Dinner at the pub.  Big picnic breakfast in the grounds the next morning and another beautiful walk.  Great bridle paths everywhere.


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