Praiano … Amalfi Coast


Matilda booked the most amazing villa at Praiano and we had a fabulous three nights and four days with this great bunch of people.  From left Hooz, Lala, Xandy, John, Charlotte, me, Matilda and Jacko..

Praiano was the most perfect spot as it was quiet as opposed to the rest of the Amalfi Coast.  The villa had a huge huge deck with so much room … there was a lounge setting, a table and eight chairs, eight comfortable loungers to ly on and another

small table and chairs up on the top deck with a table tennis table.  Then on the lower deck there was an aboveground pool.

Four bedrooms and three bathrooms.  Great lounge and eat in kitchen with another table with eight chairs.   So  heaps of room for us all to escape if we felt like it.

The first day we all arrived about midday and then headed down to the waterfront for a  delicious  seafood lunch.  In the afternoon we grabbed a whole stack of groceries from the supermarket about three minutes walk down the hill.

In the evening we weren’t going  to bother with dinner but in the end Xandy russled up a fabulous pasta dish.

The next day the three boys headed down the beach and went kayaking.  The girls headed into the town to have a look and Charlotte, Lala and Till all jumped in the water which was freezing.   Then a lovely lunch for the girls in the town.


Sunday night we headed down to the main road and had another great meal together followed by a couple of games of cards.

Monday we went on a private boat trip along the coast and over to Capri for the day.  The weather

was magical and we stopped at lots of caves along the way … the blue, green and white caves.

Then we hopped off at Capri for four hours and we headed up the funicular to the top of the island and the boys found another perfect restaurant away from the madding crowd overlooking

the rock with the natural arch … which sounds something like … farrajourno … natural arch in Italian which is the only thing that Xandy and I learnt to say the whole time we were on the Amalfi Coast!

After lunch we jumped back on the boat  and headed in the direction of Praiano.  We stopped for a great swim on the way home  and most of us jumped in … even me!


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  1. Thanks Lyn , Great photos & X says you had an absolutely wonderful time ! Thank you for sending these on. Xxx

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