Galipolli to Sorrento

Gallipoli turned out to be a lovely town. The old town was really very nice with tasteful tourist shops that I could have bought loads of things in but of course didn’t because I can’t cart things around.

We were lucky enough to come across a wedding in the beautiful church. I will add loads of wedding photos because the flowers were divine!

It was really funny because we were standing there commenting about the guests that were waiting for the bride to arrive and John thought one of them was pregnant. I said, no, it is just the dress.

Then the bride arrived looking very sexy … John couldn’t take his eyes off her and when we left I said … did you notice she was pregnant? No!!!! Too busy ogling the chest area!!!!




The church was actually stunning … even John commented that the churches are a serious havens of artwork in Italy.


This area once again was very pretty. The wild flowers were stunning … everywhere and there were a gazillion olive trees …. some of them so old a knarly.

We decided to grab a salad to make up somehow along the way as we were over restaurant food. Then we just headed in the direction of the coast and found this magical spot. There was a motorhome there and John recognised the people from further up the coast so of course we got chatting. They were from Bolzano so German/Italian and really lovely. Insisted that we use their table and pulled out more chairs and then the wine bottle and glasses. I hadn’t had a drink for a month and said no but they insisted I taste it. Of course I drank a glass! So Walter and Helga were delightful and we promised to call in when we are up that way.

From there we drove along the Amalfi Coast which was a nightmare. John had decided not to take full insurance and I kept waiting for us to hit the side wall or a motorcyclist to run into us. All a bit scary but beautiful scenery.

We found a caravan park in Piano de Sorrento which was perfect as we grabbed a cabin and it was lovely and quiet. It was run by a family who were delightful.

We drove around Sorrento as much as we could to get the most out of the car before dropping it off on the Friday. It was easy to get the train into Sorrento.

Saturday morning we headed off to Praiano by train and bus to meet up with Matilda, Hooz, Xandy, Jacko, Lala and Charlotte for the most magical weekend! To be continued!



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