Kallithea, Kalkidiki, Greece 



 We had a pretty hectic 24 hour journey into this lovely town but we have now recovered and are very relaxed.  It was as bad as a flight from Australia!

The first guy we ran into owns a local gelato coffee shop and he was so excited to see fellow Aussies …he lived in oz for 30 years, that he cooked us bacon and eggs even though it wasn’t on the menu.

I went for a walk around the town to find somewhere to stay and found a great new hotel with gym and sauna.  It is small with 9 rooms and we are the only guests.

The season hasn’t started but it is interesting watching the town getting set up … Everyone is spring cleaning their shops and setting up new ones. 

We slept for four hours yesterday, had moussaka for dinner then watched gone girl which we enjoyed followed by Horns with the guy out of Harry Potter … Daniel Radcliffe ? It was so bad that it was hilarious!  We had a great nights sleep, had brunch down on the peer, weighed ourselves, got a shock so now are going for a big walk.

The weather is still quite cool … But nice in the sun.  It should start to warm up again from tomorrow.

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