Christmas en France!

We had a pretty laid back Christmas as is the norm for us but have to say the highlight of the whole day was having Sarah and Joe with us. I em very grateful to them for coming over and having Christmas with us as I know they adore their families and as in the case of most families Christmas is a very special day for them.

We actually went out for dinner Christmas Eve and it might have been a bit of a mistake as the food was very rich and a couple of us (including moi) weren’t feeling great on the tummy on Christmas morning. Consequently we had breakfast and then decided that we wouldn’t hurry lunch. It was served at 6 pm by which time we had all had our hand in preparing it and it was delicious.

The lovely Kim Davis had created these beautiful Christmas Stockings for us and sent them over with Daisy …. so there was lots of fun making sure that they made it into the photos. Aren’t they gorgeous?
Joe having breakfast … baguettes and vegemite … I think he has actually just about overdosed on them!
Sarah spent hours and hours wrapping our lovely presents and hand making beautiful wrapping and cards.image




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