Long time no blog … but back in the game!


I know it has been a very long time between posts but hopefully I will catch up over the next month.  I stopped blogging in Germany because the internet was very slow and I got frustrated trying to upload photos.  We spent nearly 7 weeks in Germany so I just gave up.  Then when I hit France I was so far behind I couldn’t deal with it.

However, I am going to try and catch up now.  We have had a great couple of months and are currently sitting in the queue at Calais ready to cross over to England for the rest of this month and then we will cross over to Ireland for a house sit at the end of October for 6 weeks.  We will take the van over and try and do some touring as well.  We can leave Jack de Cat overnight every now and then so we will see how much we can see by slipping off once a week.

This photo was taken while trekking in Chamonix.  It is a fabulous area and we were lucky enough to have fantastic weather.  The trekking was really tough for me though and even though John had planned on doing the complete Haute Route I knew I wouldn’t be capable of it.  Needless to say he realised pretty quickly what I was capable of and we just did day walks … even they were tough, but I still enjoyed it.

We had 8 nights in Chamonix and then raced up to Paris to see Brian and Mary Anne Poschelk for three nights.  We had a great time with them.  We didn’t do too many touristy things … just relaxed a lot and caught up.




  1. Oh, so glad you’re back. Have missed you. Give my love to Ireland. Whereabouts is your house sit? Won’t really matter, it’s all beautiful.
    Not much news here that you wouldn’t have seen on FB. Charlie’s accident, visit to the grandies etc. Charlie will find out tomorrow whether he has to have an op on his foot.
    Made me laugh to wonder if you were going across on the Chunnel????? I think not. Xxxxx

  2. Hi Lyn,

    Its good to see you blogging again.

    Tilly Huz Jack & lala moved into their new pad yesterday, its 7 mins walk from here …yay! .Angus says its huge & is really nice.We had Jack & La staying for a couple of weeks which was lovely, La is the loveliest girl ever & of course Jack is a diamond too!. Angus lent them his carpet cleaner as the flat wasn’t cleaned properly & the previous tenants had a cat!.I am sorting out some cupboards so they can have some of our stuff for the flat….its fun for them starting out like this & Earl’s court is very handy for everything.

    Tilly seems to love her job & we are keeping fingers crossed Lala will get through her last interview with Mac, she is very excited about it….we are too. More later, Love P … poo….its raining here this evening. x

  3. Hi – nice to hear from you and lovely to see you both looking so fit and well. So glad you are still loving Europe. We are up at Hamo staying on the boat – weather is divine! Love Pam – will email soon xx

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