A great week with the gorgeous Bea




We picked Bea up in Hamburg and being the gorgeous lady that she is, she visited her two aged aunts.  So we were a taxi for her but it was our absolute pleasure to be able to do this for her.  I think that she was very pleased that she made this big effort on her week off.

We headed in the general direction of the Elbe river and then meandered up the river quite slowly.  Bea has a penchant for churches so we did a lot of “back roads of Germany” searching for them and we enjoyed every minute of it.


This is where we camped the first night … on a very quiet haven (harbour) on the Elbe River.  We were all very excited to find somewhere so secluded to spend our first night.





Above is one of the beautiful little churches that we found along the way and the gorgeous little cart outside selling fresh jams!




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  1. Good to hear from you I am at the beach with reay and it’s lovely I needed it after the week in Sydney we loved strictly ballroom and it was great seeing all the kids there How is Matilda going does she like her job I get some funny photos from hooz on Instagram anyway glad you are having agood time with bea love joy

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