Thursday 24 Bolsena and Citiva


On the Thursday, John, Till and I headed off in Bea’s car and sent to a lovely lake nearby called Bolsena.  We had a long lunch in the town followed by gelati.

Then we drove around the lake and visited a Commonwealth War Memorial.  Then eventually right around to the other side of the lake to another town that I can’t remember the name of.  It wasn’t as pretty as Bolsena though.

image image image

The lovely thing about Bolsena is that there are hundreds and hundreds of Hydranger bushes everywhere.  Every colour and shape that you can imagine.

Early that morning when we were driving along the dirt roads on our way out we ran into a couple of British cyclists who were on holidays there.  They told us to visit a little town called Citiva.  So late in the afternoon we decided to drive there but couldn’t remember why they told us to go there.

When we arrived we were gobsmacked to see this beautiful hill top town that was gradually but definitely being eroded away.  As it was late we decided to leave walking over there until another day.


That night we had another sing along with the band.  Bea has all of the words to the songs typed out and printed off so that we can sing along as well.  As you can image John and I are hopeless, but they were very kind and tolerated.

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