Citiva and Bolsena Lake … again … we love it

image image

On Saturday we went sightseeing with Bea.  Gert decided to have a quiet day at the beautiful house.

We headed back to Citiva and walked across the bridge to go into the town.  It was really, really beautiful and we all loved it.  The potted plants were beautiful.

image image image image image image image

It was quite a hot day so we headed back to the lake for a swim and gelati.  John and Bea jumped straight in … again, but it took John offering Matilda 10 euro to get her in!  She did!

image image image image


Saturday night we headed into Porano with Gert and Bea to their festival.  We had a great night … eating pasting, drinking wine and dancing to a couple of good fun bands.

image image


We headed home after the festival and had a lot more drinking and dancing with the others.  Way too much drinking!!!!!  Lots of bruises the next day and a big hangover!

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