Day 7 – Saint Guilhem de Desert 8.6 km

Day 6 – Aniane 24.2 km, Friday 9 May

Andrew left us this morning … John drove him into Montpellier where he caught a train to London.

A lot of kilometres have been walked since this day and it is hard to remember everything. I don’t think that there was anything that eventful about this day except that we got to have a coffee in a town which is rare as we haven’t walked through many towns during the day. The lady at the little Tabac was lovely and we made out picnic lunch while drinking our coffee/hot chocolate … I am off the coffee … in reality the hot chocolate is probably worse!


Day 7 – Saint Guilhem le Desert 8.6 km

This was a beautiful town, but to be honest I was in so much pain … it felt like every bone on the top of my feet was broken … that I couldn’t enjoy it. Luckily it was a short day. We couldn’t go any further because there was nowhere for the boys to meet us for another 24 km from there.

I don’t mind telling you that I was pretty distressed by this stage. I also had a terrible sinus infection that was exhausting me. Pretty hard to get oxygen when you can’t breath.

That night I had to make a hard decision and decide to have the next day off. John walked for me and it turned out to be the hardest walk of the trip so far.

We had a good night by the river and swung our TV to outside and had a movie night.











Bloody hell … WordPress is playing up and it just took me four goes to do this. What a pity because I have loads of fabulous photos of this day!

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