Day 5, walked through Montpellier to Eglise de Gabels

Day 5 we walked 24 km … through the countryside for a while and then across Montpellier, which was a beautiful city and I would love to go back there. However, camino signs were non existent and we got lost for an hour and a half. That really knocked the wind out of us … it is so frustrating trying to figure out where to go. We eventually found the way again and decided to have lunch at a restaurant. We had a great salad and then walked out of the city only to get lost again in a park. It really was a pain in the but and by the time we got to the vans I was really, really gone. Actually spat the dummy I was so tired.

That night we didn’t have a great place to park but it was ok. John decided to do the washing and had the brilliant idea of rinsing the clothes in the nearby fountain. Einstein! The fountain was still full of bubbles the next morning and I was seriously unimpressed! Obviously the boys had another night on the grog!






  1. Good to hear from you again how lovely the country side Is I came home yesterday and Robyn met me d v a were very good and had wheel chairs Etc so I didn’t have to walk at all good to be home but I can’t do much So I am lucky to have such good friends jan is taking me yo get my dressings done this afternoon and Robyn and noël doing the shopping Michael and Jo will be home tomorrow So they can take over then good to see daisy looking so well and happy How is Matilda ? Jack rang me in hospital and he tells me he has aband going no doubt about him Love mum

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  2. Great pictures Lyn…as always 🙂
    I am very proud of you and I really admire you!
    Enjoy the rest of the “walk trip”…
    Love and hugs,

  3. Just caught up with what you’ve been doing. Good on you! I’m really impressed and love your photos. Love, Marg xx

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