Aix en Provence

Friday, 2 May we headed to Aix en Provence. Pete, Fi, John and I visited Aix last year and Fi and I really liked it. As we were so close I pushed to go back there. Unfortunately we arrived late in the evening so we just parked up and cooked dinner.

Next morning we headed in and I was thrilled as all of the markets were open in the old town. There is something very special about a French market … I love them. I think it is the combination of the fabulous produce, the French language being used and the animation of the people.


A very interesting couple involved in this street art.












Hopefully these photos will make up for the last couple of days.

We left there mid afternoon and headed into Marseille to pick Andrew Martin up off the train from Nice. Then we headed to Arles to meet up with Mary Rose and Bruce Ramsden.

It was really, really blowing by the time we got to Arles. We found MR and Bruce at the aire by the river and were having a drink in our van, when we heard a big bang and a crash. Unfortunately John had left the bathroom vent/skylight up and the wind caught it and threw it smashing down the street! Great!!!!!!!!

That evening we headed to a two star Michelin restaurant for dinner. We had a great night and the food was amazing but 15 courses served in very rapid succession nearly killed me!





  1. I love Aix – En – Provence- I was at uni here way back in the dark ages of the late 60’s – loving reading about your travels- planning our trip now – leave 23 July – first stop Roma

  2. I keep getting interrupted and have to start again Loved the pictures of province wish I was there I am in the mater and I had six grafts done yesterday on one leg I am fine but have to stay in here for five days then I can go home to Bowen And have them dressed there I will ring daisy tonite we had a good time at Danny’s Party I couldn’t talk to john much as I had Judith there and I hadn’t told her I was seeing Brett Etc but it was good to hear him have to go love joy

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  3. I am back on the air again really missed not being able to get your e mails Am in the mater and have had six grafts Susan is coming to take the dressings down this morning and then I may be able to go home tomorrow It was lovely seeing daisy and she kindly took Nonie home Glad all is going good for you enjoy love mum

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  4. Great to see Mary-Rose and Bruce as well as Andrew in the same photo.mso jealousnofnthose beautiful market shots in Aix – you ar having amazing weather.

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