Perpignan … Collioure







We had a little bit of trouble finding a park in Perpignan, but managed one pretty near the rather pretty canal.

We wandered around fairly aimlessly until we spotted the cathedral. As Matilda said and as I am sure that I have mentioned before it was great having Hooz with us because he is seeing everything through fresh eyes.

Easter Sunday evening service was just beginning in the cathedral. On either side of the church there were beautiful chandeliers … all varied but all beautiful, this was just one example. We tried very hard not to disturb the mass.

Our plan was to head back to Collioure and have dinner. We found a great little restaurant in the back streets and Hooz had a great steak, and you have to know that he is a serious meat man, so it must have been good. Till and I had lovely sweet French moules (mussels) and John had …. can’t remember!

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