Pont d’Arc on the Ardeche River


Our next stop was a very impressive sight. Pont D’Arc … a natural arc/bridge over the Ardeche River. Jochen had told me about it years ago and I have been trying to get there ever since. I reckon we have circumnavigated it about 10 times! Finally! and I wasn’t disappointed.


Of course John had to swim in the river … I swear he would swim in a teaspoon of water no matter what temperature it is in or out! Not this little black duck! I take photos.



I was very keen to try out our brand new chairs, so we packed a picnic and headed down to the river for sunset drinks. Great chairs, very light but at the same time sturdy … finally decent chairs Fi, Pete, Daisy, Joe and Jack will know what I’m talking about. Till got to experience them first hand a couple of days later.

After our picnic and viewing the sun setting over the river, we headed to an aire as there were about 5 signs telling us that we couldn’t park near the river, so we decided to behave ourselves for once!

Next morning we wandered around the nearest town to the river … sorry no idea what it was called!

It did have a great boulangerie/patisserie with homemade Easter eggs though.

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