This is the boat that we are leaving Carriacou Island on … wish us good luck! It is apparently a 45 minute trip … we are heading to Union Island, the southern most island in the St Vincent and Grenadines group. The plan is to try and get to Bequia … which is further north …. don’t know if we can get a connecting ferry or not. It is pretty hard to get any information … we will see.

This is the boat that we arrived here on …. I got sick on that … so what are the chances of not getting sick on the latest one … zilch!!!!! Ha! Just keep trying to look at the horizon and hope that it doesn’t sink!

We have had a great couple of days here. It is sooooo relaxed …. yesterday was Sunday and there wasn’t a person to be seen anywhere. Except for the taxi driver that we met at breakfast who ended up taking us to a remote beach via a four wheel drive track and then a steep descent down through scrub for 10 minutes. The beach was beautiful though and we did some great snorkelling.



We found a fabulous little French restaurant last night and splurged … it was great.

Today the Olympic Torch came through the island … that was very exciting for the locals. The children here are divine … check them out!





John getting a hair cut at the local barber shop!

Got to go and get on this boat … wish me luck. We are heading to Union … goodness knows where we will be tonight. I just would like to some power to charge everything, some wifi and somewhere to wash my clothes. Not a lot to ask! We will see!

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