Sarajevo to Jajce

We came across this couple while we were just pulled over for a minute. They were obviously pilgrims … look at the size of the cross he is carrying. We really regretted not offering them a cup of tea and some food. We were just taken by surprise. The woman was beautiful and I wish had of taken more photos of them. They were wearing clothes made of a neutral colour made out of very plain woven cloth.

We are loving Bosnia. It is so easy to travel in and the weather is great now. Very hot during the day but lovely and cold at night … great for sleeping.

I haven’t cooked a meal since we arrived here. They have great, really big restaurants and very very cheap. A cup of coffee 75 cents. Last night we had three beers, two little bottles of wine, a bottle of mineral water and two big meals … a folded over pizza with great quality meat and mushrooms and loads of salad. 18 euro … about $28. We have also worked at that we just camp outside the restaurants. They don’t mind. We also use their internet and in the morning have a coffee and use their toilets. Perfect. Water is plentiful … easy to fill up and because we are constantly near toilets we haven’t been using ours, so no need to empty.

We have hardly used any water because we swim in fresh water rivers or lakes every day … it is cold but lovely. That is our shower for the day! Serious trailer trash!

The countryside is very green and lush … once you get out of the southern area … which is stark mountains like Croatia.


Yesterday we were very bad tourists. We hit Sarajevo mid afternoon and it was in the 40’s … so we just slowly drove around the town. Traffic was moving very slowly … so we got to see a lot … past the old town, the markets, the museum of fine arts. But! We didn’t stop … it was just too hot and once you park the van it really hots up unless you can get complete shade. So we drove on in the direction of Jajce.

Once again we stopped at a restaurant for the night. Great restaurant and the people were lovely. Limited internet but enough.






… contrasting photos of Sarajevo buildings! …

Today we arrived in Jajce … middle sized town … 30 000 people … the middle was congested, so we opted to drive out of town to a lake a couple of kms out. Lovely lake and waterfalls. We did have a bit of a problem trying to get down to the lake and I took photos of these wildflowers while walking along the road and figuring out if we could get the van through. Now having lunch at yet another great restaurant.








Yes … John has been wearing the same clothes for four days … he swims in them … kills two birds with one stone … doesn’t get sunburnt and it washes his clothes. I just wear togs with a loose dress over it and wash my togs out each night. It is a very low maintenance country! My idea of a holiday.

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