Primosten, Krka National Park and Split

Wednesday morning arrived and we were very sad to be leaving Mon Cheri. What a fabulous time we had had. Seb and Gasper were absolutely fantastic. Seb had even thrown in an extra night as we had all arrived on the Tuesday. We weren’t supposed to be on board until Wednesday. Thanks heaps Seb! If anyone is thinking of going to Croatia … I couldn’t recommend this trip more highly. It exceeded all expectations for everyone on board!

… The aussies constantly trying to avoid the sun! …

The boys served us breakfast … which we really hadn’t expected, we packed up our gear and said our thank yous.

The six of us piled into the van and headed down to Primosten for a quick swim and a cup of coffee in the old town.

Back in the van and headed another 45 minutes north to Krka National Park. This park has a huge waterfall system that has a boardwalk through the middle of the main section. Beautiful place … John and I have been here twice before but weren’t prepared for the amount of tourists there this time … nightmare really! However we trudged through, had a swim with the other million people so that we could wash the salt off and then headed back up to the car park for our first meal without Seb and Gasper. Terrible!

… River Carp swimming upstream …







… check out the colour of this water! …. it really is a spectacular water system ….

Fi ordered a cabbage salad … yep thats what she got … cabbage!

We all jumped back in the van … Fi and I had to be in the back all day and this time managed a sleep en route to Split.

John managed to drive straight to the car park that we used four years ago … I can’t believe how good his memory is, and yes we managed a park.

All headed into the old town. John ordered a new pair of glasses. It was very hot so we headed to the harbour and had a bottle of Prosecco (? spelling) to cool us down. Then back in the van and headed back to Seget Donji.

We contacted Seb and Gasper and all headed to Frankies for dinner. By this time it was pretty late … 9.30 pm … big day was had by all. Seb and Gasper had been scrubbing the boat all day.

We had a nice dinner and then had to say our final goodbyes. Although John and I are pretty sure we will see them in Ljubljana or Rogaska next week.

Terry and Robyn had booked a motel but Pete and Fi opted to have one last night in the van. We were parked right on the water front and thought we would be ok but unfortunately the heat and mosquitos got us and they had to be up by 5.30 am so a dodgy night was had by all.

We drove Pete and Fi to the airport and said a farewells. I had the most wonderful time with these two rascals. I haven’t laughed so much in my entire life I don’t think. Constant hysterics with tears running down my face. Fi and I got to the stage that we didn’t bother putting eye make up on because we knew it would only last five minutes. They loved van life as well and everything we did was very easy because everyone had such a great attitude. I will be thrilled if they can join us again next year.

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