Gravedona, Lake Como, Italy

This is the view from our apartment in Gravedona. It is a gorgeous little kitsch number with lots of collections spattered around, old pipes, old irons, Balinese hats … Goes on and on. Great little balcony for afternoon drinks with a view of the lake … Well done Scotty, our Victorian friend who organised it for the three of us. This is the third major regatta that we have bunked in together and it is always a delight.

Back up a bit. Riva del garda was lovely. I just chilled out at the caravan park … Watched the boys go out for racing, did some painting … Finally … Thank you Jacko for my aquarels which are fabulous. Did all of the washing and sorted the van out.

Pete and Fi were their usual go to selves and cycled and explored and got the most out of every day. I did go for a big cycle the first day to organise topups for our Italian sims for the iPads. Also, went into Riva for a spot of lunch and people watching. It is a huge cycling, windsurfing and sailing centre. People all over the grassed areas sun baking. The water was 18 degrees so you don’t see too many people swimming.


John had a pretty good regatta and enjoyed catching up with everyone.



The first night we had one of the lovely Italian boys for dinner and a young Australian couple from Melbourne, Vicki and mark, came over for a drink after they got their babies to sleep in their hired camper.

The next night Pete and Fi thru a great pasta together and Scotty joined us. We took our cups of tea out the front of the campsite and drank it right by the lake. Third night I went for a walk and brought back pizza for all of us, which we took out to the lake and enjoyed the scenery whilst rating.

On Monday we picked up Scotty and his gear and the five of us, all of our gear, including John’s boat headed to Como. Bloody hell did we have some weight … John had to rev the motor to get us going, even if we were on a slight incline. I lay up the back as we only have four seatbelts and got a fright when a semi clipped my window while going through one of the tunnels. Just a scratch though. We made it! Thank god and were excited to move into our apartment where Pete and fi cooked up a great Mexican feast … First night syndrome all over again. While doing a group shop on Monday scotty bought some rum called Ron M….. Actually sounds something like masterbation. So that is now what it is called … The masterbation rum.



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