Leaving Rosignano …going ?


I’ve got this whole “cooking in the van thing” down to a fine art … One pan meals!

We have spent the morning packing up the contender and sorting out the van. I sorted out the back … Finally! You know what it’s like Joe … Pain in the but! But done … Well for a little while anyway!
What spurred that on was yesterday … There was an Italian van so close to us that I couldn’t get the window closed as you have to push it up high first, then bring it back down. It got stuck up three quarters of the way and it was nearly touching his van, so I couldn’t make him move his van as it would have broken the window. Bugger … So decided to unscrew the hingers … But could I find a Phillips head in the mess in the van … No! So borrowed one from the guy, unscrewed the hingers and he helped me get it down to the point where it was safe. Then I made him pull his van out so that I could close it, then guide him back in again. Bloody Hell … All for a trip to the beach.

So now I have the back of the van how I want it. A lot of things got chucked.

We are ready to head off … Mid afternoon, but not sure where we are heading … Into the countryside in the general direction of Bologna … I think!

Just finished a great book. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Fi, I will keep it in the van for you!


  1. What you needed to do was let his tyres down on the other side to tilt his van away from yours…. he would have understood!!

  2. 2 people, small van, baked beans, beanz, meanz, farts, you 2 must be in love. Happy travels love sue and mark.

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