Rosignano still

Not a very exciting picture but thought I should have something … Sitting in the laundromat again … View from the laundromat. However, this time I drove here in the skippers hire car … Luxury.

The crew John is sailing with are the nicest bunch of guys. Because we were racing to get here Sunday morning, we just drove straight into the marina car park … The gatekeeper let us in, so we have stayed. Today I sorted a key to the toilets and showers, our new leisure battery is holding beautifully … So we are here until sunday … About 100 m from where the Etchells are moored.

There wasn’t any wind on sunday for the practice race. Sunday night we went out for dinner with the crew … Tom who is the skipper …English fellow currently living in Singapore . So John is racing for Singapore. Sam and his girlfriend Becs who are both English and living in London. Mat who is American and living in the Cayman Islands. All very interesting lovely people. I have met so many lovely, fun and interesting Brits this year. The conversation is always witty and fast.

Because of where the van is we are home base … Several cups of tea and coffee happening … Sandwiches, left over pasta … Whatever. The boys are very appreciative. There are about 42 boats … 10 of which are Australian. So loads of Aussies.

Sam has a bad back … So Mat (who got ditched because he is the heaviest) is starving himself and waiting in the wings. Yesterday they got a low twenties and a tenth …. So they were pretty happy. The race was delayed again today … But they are out there now. A lot of hanging around though.

Mat goes out with the guy coaching the NZ boat … So at least he is on the water.

Last night there was a fashion parade at the marina … Only in Italy! The dj played fantastic music, we drank too much wine and I cooked pasta at midnight. Very naughty!

Luke from Perth came over this morning and said “where’s auntie Lyn?” I met Luke in San Francisco … He was a wild kid sleeping in the container and having a ball. One race they didn’t sail, so he took off with the tracking device that is supposed to go into the boat and rode around San Francisco on his clapped out bike. Sent the tech guys into a frenzy! He now travels the world sailing … He said he doesn’t make any money but is having a ball. He is based out of Hong Kong these days.

The weather has improved … Shorts and tshirts again. Cool at night so great for sleeping. Seeing as the crew are so lovely I have decided to hang around. We have a big dinner at a winery tonight.

Our latest thoughts are that we would like to do house sitting for people … Mainly in Europe, but might do some in the states or Canada on the way over next year. We will see … Something to play with and research. It keeps me amused!


  1. What a great trip you are certainly meeting lots of people We had another big weekend bill Wallace race and the big fifths party sat night And the botchie Sunday Lisa came up and sailed on destiny they just got beaten By air apparent I have been to greve and went to that butchers shop so I have been to some of the places I am going to get some more things off my face today jan is taking me up So w e will stay the night as I have to have a general we are trying to organise a do For Robyn before she goes but I can’t do much until I know how much he does my face any way happy travelling live mu

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  2. Sounds like you’re both doing well Mum. I miss Europe every time I jump on the blog and look at your posts and photos! All good here, still in reporting mode. It’s great to hear from you Grandma, I hope the skin op wasn’t too bad. I’ll give you a call over the weekend. Mum, I’ll try and FaceTime you over the weekend.

    Love to everyone,
    Daisy xxx

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