Saint privat-d’allier

The ups and downs of the Camino. If this town looks cold and miserable … It is.

It has been raining most of the day. I am so glad that I bought rain pants and upgraded my raincoat. I headed out with four layers on … But soon stripped to a tshirt and the raincoat … Which was great at keeping out the rain and the wind.

The first 9 km weren’t too bad. I started behind the others . Ten got ahead and stayed ahead. The was a lovely 10th century church that we all stopped and looked at. I was expecting it to be a hard up hill but it was gentle for e first 9 km which was great. Ten 2 uphill followed bow a horrible 5 km of downhill … The last 2 km I was going about 1 km per hr … On my poles down the whole way. Great upper body workout. Very dangerous… I know all I have to do is put one foot wrong and I will take out a knee or a hip … Which by the way are aching – the hips that is. No doubt caused by the weight of the pack … About 9 kg. The thing is I have used every single thing in it.

As we left at 8.30 am … I arrived at 1 pm in time for lunch, which was quite nice. A salad with hot goats cheese on toast on top. Yum … plus a glass of rosé.

I could finally book into my room at 2.30 pm and tried to rest but they were renovating the room next door. I am in a tiny one star hotel with a large dining room. There were lots of people stopped here for lunch. The owners aren’t particularly friendly but my waitress was.

So quiet night tonight. I have to say I am exhausted. Tomorrow it will be way worse and a few more km … 19. I have been serially studying the topography of the route and it is going to be very tough for the next 8 days. After that it shouldn’t be too bad. If I make it that far without an injury!

Till tomorrow …



    • Hi rob … No I’m on my own … I just met those people at the gite and ran into them. About to have breakfast … Can’t tell if its raining or snowing.

  1. Lyn, that sounds like very hard work, but so interesting…….can you let me know if you are receiving my comments….i am not sure i have logged in to whatever…..Keep up the great work……Jxx

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