So day one started with a bit of a drama. I had been sick yesterday and woke up feeling a little better but not great. But I pushed myself and went and had breakfast, packed my bag, got all of my gear together but at the last minute decided to get something out of my bag. Long story short , when I finished I jumped up … Straight into the corner of the window. I lay down for a minute and then realised that there was a fare bit of blood … So headed downstairs to the owner for her to check it. She was shocked by the amount of blood as well, but it was decided that it didn’t need a stitch. I was pretty shaken up and she said … You will have to wash your hair … There is blood everywhere.

So up I went again … Unpacked … Showered and intended to have a rest but decided to swallow a teaspoon of cement and get going. So I did.

It was uphill for the first 25 minutes but then it levelled out for a while. It was a beautiful walk and it was a lovely sunny day. About 20 degrees. It will change dramatically tomorrow. There will be lightning and it will drop to 8 degrees during the day and 1 overnight. Ooh la la!

Arrived at the gite and was welcomed by Bernard … Who turned out to be another pilgrim who is French but teaches English. Perfect! The owner was out. So I took my boots off and chattered to him until she returned.

She showed me to a private room with a bathroom which is a huge luxury. She also offered to wash my clothes in her washing machine … And seeing as I had had them on for four days … It was about time. So, quick shower and gave them to her.

It is now 7.30 pm and I have been chatting to bernard for most of the afternoon. Our main topic of discussion has been … How the hell are we going to find places to stay. Apparently there are loads of people walking. He said that there were 150 people at mass at 7 am this morning. There really aren’t that many beds available. So it will be a very interesting couple of weeks.

….. Two hours later … We have had two more guests arrive. Theresa and Philipe are a married couple about our age. We just had a very interesting meal. Vegetable soup and bread followed by lentils a homemade sausage and a boiled egg. Mmmm. Then some weird soft cheese that you could either put herbs or pepper or sugar in. None of us ate it. Fabulous hard cheese. Then great strawberries and an apple compote. All washed down by a huge jug of rosé and a huge jug of end. Philip didn’t eat … He snacked on food that he brought and combed his hair. He has long wiry hair and is obviously obsessed with it. Only the French! Their son was an au pair in Canberra. Theresa and I could converse with a combination of French and English. Bernard translated a lot. We had a great night. I think we all realise that we were very lucky … This gite was empty because it was too close to le puy. All four of us were testing our fitness. We are all heading to the same town next but staying in different places.

I am going to try to head off with bernard in case there is lightning. We have about 15 km tomorrow … Which will still be pretty easy. The following day will be very hard … All uphill about 19 km. then from there accommodation will get very dodgy.

So off to bed … Breakfast is at 7.30 am. Ooh la la!



  1. Oooh La La indeed kiddo….more like Sacre Bleu….sounds very intriguing…i still can’t work out where you are going…is it a different part of the Campostela you are doing this time? Wherever, love the blogs, keep them coming….all quiet on this particular home front (strange??) but i am going to Singapore on Monday for a couple of weeks to stay with little Gabriela….stay safe and sound….Love JKxx

    • Hi jan … Sorry yes it is part of the Camino. It starts in le puy en velay and goes to st jean pied de pont… Which is where the Spanish Camino starts. Eight years ago I did about the last 120 km of this one with a young English girl I taught with in England. The end was a piece of piss compared to this the beginning and looking at the profile it will only get worse during the next 8 days then it will improve. Talk about baptism by fire.

      It is a tough walk.

      Have a great time in Singapore. Say hi to them for me. Thanks for the posts … It is great to get them … Keep them up.

      Love Lyn

  2. Good on you Mum. If we don’t hear from you soon then we’ll know you’ve been struck by lightning! xx

    • Hi till . Yep I survived … No lightning. A bit shattered. Well feel better when tomorrow is over … Hope it won’t rain too much over night to make it more slippery. Love you

  3. Lovely to hear from you. Great that you have had a game of golf. Keep it up. Yeah I slept like a baby last night.

    Tough 16 km today … Will blog later. It will only get worse over the next eight days.. Tomorrow looks awful according to the profile.

    Talk soon
    Love Lyn

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