Barbados – Cool Runnings II


There has been copious amounts of rum drinking, beer drinking, sailing, swimming and sightseeing. Unfortunately … not a lot of training for the walk in about a weeks time! It is just too hot!


This is a shot of the fabulous SAP Tent … the hub of the regatta. The tent is run by a specialty hospitality company out of London and they are a fabulous team of people. I haven’t spent all day every day there but it is my first port of call each morning to grab a great coffee, then sort out my day.

They have coffee, softdrink and water available all day every day and then at 5 pm until 7 pm, or whenever the kegs run out, they have beer on for everyone. It is always a great afternoon … then over to the yacht club … about 20 metres away for copious rums and dinner.


On Sunday I just happened to be in the tent and chatting to Stephan, head of SAP Technology, and he asked me if I would like to go out on the boat that SAP had hired for the regatta. It is a 65 foot cat which has been decked out in SAP furnishings and colours … with beautiful yellow roses of course!


We had a fabulous lunch … wine, champagne, anything that we care for all afternoon. I had a great afternoon and loved being able to watch the racing up close. It has been the highlight of the regatta for me.


This was the start of the first race on Sunday. One thing I did learn out there was that being a sailing photographer is bloody hard work … every time you think you have a shot, you go over a wave and end up with a photo of the sky or the sea … no boats!


A photo of John and Sam before they ripped their second kite for the regatta!


The weather ended up coming in … but I managed to make it to shore before it dumped down.


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