I forgot to mention it was Bryce’s 30th birthday … which made it a bit more special. He and El were heading off to Katmandu the next day to climb to base camp then back to Aus as his visa had run out.


Sunny clear skies in London … we had two magical sunny days … if still a tad cold!



The view from the hotel of the beach and the SAP tent


The boys rigging up and then them heading out … for those keen to follow the racing, hopefully you can read the sail number!


The view from the hotel … that is me lying on the deckchair … Ha! (not!)



  1. Great blog mum! It’s great to look at the photos too. No news since my last email, I’ll write back to you tomorrow. Love you xxx

  2. Looks bloody good mum and dad. Had a great time in Sydney with Hooz and Jack on the weekend and just had dinner with Dais and Joe. Love you x

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