India – Jodhpur

We headed off on time about 9 am and there was so much to look at as usual. We came across a pop-up trading market on the main road …. all of the farmers with bails and bails of chillies, garlic, camel reigns, bedding, cattle for sale, terra-cotta cooking pots … on and on and on. We parked the car and Ashok walked us around explaining things to us. It was a little scary because I don’t think they are really used to tourists. I had been asking Ashok to find a place to buy a scrubbing brush, because some how I had left mine at home. So he took me to the terracotta stall and I bought this funny little scrubbing device. Don’t think it will get my toenails clean though. All very interesting.

We arrived in Jodhpur about 3 pm after a six hour drive. We booked into the hotel and had our 100th cup of tea for the trip.

Ashok picked us up and we headed into the centre of town to the bazaar. Well, you know how I didn’t find Delhi all that hectic or confronting … well, this was a whole new adventure. There were people everywhere … we almost had to hold hands to stick together. There were cars, cows, horses, motorbikes, pushbikes and people all jostling for space to move. It was really hectic but so, so interesting. It was almost impossible to take it all in and I clicked away and took hundreds of photos. There were beggers, but we have learnt not to give them money. Ashok deals with the really needy ones for us.

We went to a bangle shop and then to a great spice shop where Mary-Anne bought enough spices to start her own restaurant! It was fun.

Then Ashok said it was time for us to mix it with the Indian people and took us to a shop where we had a lassi. We were a bit scared, as our stomachs are still in one piece, but we braved it. It was yoghurt with cardamon, surgar and curd … I thought it would be sour … but it was delicious. Almost like a dessert. They were pumping it out, people coming and going. I had no fear that the product would be fresh but I was a bit worried about where the glass and spoon had been washed!

From there back to the hotel for a lovely bbq dinner. We watched a puppet show and listened to a drumming band. Then exhausted, headed to bed. The days really are full and by evening I am shattered.

Next day we actually managed to get to the foyer on time and we headed to a beautiful crematorium where the kings are cremated. Then on to the Mehrangarh Fort. Ashok organised audio guides for us and was going to come with us but MA had been having trouble charging her camera … a great canon with a zoom lense. So I asked Ashok if he could go and buy a new charger for her. No worries, so we made a plan that we would spend time at the fort and walk down to the Raas Hotel, where I had read about a boutique. We enjoyed the fort and walked down a very tricky path to the hotel, good training for my walk in France. The knee held up, actually it is really good. Lots of stair work is making it stronger.

He met us there with charger in hand, and a half charged battery and we headed out for lunch. He joined us for the first time and ordered things we would never try and it was delicious. It was the first time that we had taken time over lunch. Unfortunately, when we left there, Ashok discovered that there was something wrong with the steering. So now we are in the waiting room of a garage waiting for it to be fixed. Very celubrious place … with awesome bollywood movies blaring!

We were supposed to go horse riding tonight …. I don’t think that will be happening.

Incredible India, anywhere, anytime, anything can happen!IMG_5856


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