Nearly a month and first blog!

We had the usual cattle class long haul flight via Dubai. Just 22 hours of our lives …. and guess what … we survived! Unfortunately we were met with sad news. Our good friend Al King had passed away while we were in the air and we were not only very sad because our friend had left this world but because we couldn’t be there for Jan, Zac, Danny and the rest of the crazy King Clan to offer our support at the funeral. However, on a brighter note we raised a Heineken toast to Al who we will always remember as a great man who kept Don alive, put the first lot of stitches in Jack’s scone, always took wonderful care of our girls and us and provided us with much humour during State of Origin matches!

We had a great time with Sonja and Jochen who took Friday off work to spend the day with us. We had a lovely walk around our favourite small Germany town, Soest … which looked fabulous with the sun out and all of the trees in spring bloom followed by coffee and the famous spaghetti ice cream. That night a bbq … Jochen and Jonathan had those coals red hot in about 10 minutes with the help of the hair dryer … first time I have seen someone do that … very clever!

John and Jonothan played soccer … I was sure John was going to break something and I think Jonothan just thought he was Crazy! Let’s face it Australians don’t have great soccer skills!

Great having a proper catch up with these very generous friends and lovely having the great pleasure of seeing Jonothan and Anton growing up to be lovely little boys.

Saturday we went to Jonothan’s first game of soccer. Funniest thing I have every seen. They were so cute! Check out this little guy … ha!

Saturday night we headed south in the direction of Starnberg and stopped the night in Kitzenberg at an aire that was very busy as it was right on the river, it was the weekend and the weather was glorious so everyone had taken their motorhomes away for the weekend.

I loved this park … they are mini trampolines! I don’t think we would be allowed to have something this dangerous in the nanny country Australia … just in case someone killed themselves!!!!! These little ones certainly were having a ball though.


  1. Looks great Lyn and you certainly are having warmer weather than us. On the Orkneys now and it is sunny.

    • Hi Tricia … I have been meaning to get in contact. All good on our end. We are near Riva and John flies out Thursday. Learnt one lesson … don’t book a tour for the Uffizzi …. next time we will just book a miss the queue … which is probably a waste of time because you still have to queue .. ticket and an audio. We did the guided tour and our chick was useless! So it was exhausting!

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