Camino di Francesca

Mary Rose and I started another walk on 9 May from La Verna in Italy.  This was very ambitious for me and has proved to be very challenging.  It started in the mountains so the ascents and descents have been pretty horrific. Consequently we have had to pull back on the kms per day and miss stages.  On a very big plus the scenery is beautiful and the people of Italy so friendly.  I have completely fallen in love with Italy and think I could even live here.  The people are so welcoming … outstanding really.  The coffee, pizza and gelati are also fab with a bit of home made pasta in between.

My internet isn’t fast today so will just post this photo of MR and two lovely Germans we met along the way, Sabina and Klaus from southern Germany.

Lots of tales to tell but will wait for better internet.

Today we are having the day off and going to have a look in Spoleto before starting again in the morning just south of Spoleto.  It should be an interesting day because it will be walking back up into the mountains!


  1. Hi Girls Love to hear from you & lovely photo of MR. All I can say no matter how bloody steep & hard those hills are to ascend & decend its got to be way more fun than the mountains I’m trying to conquer!!!! Shauna who is leaving in 10 days said she would stay on for another week if I went to Gwinganna so I’m booked in on the 31may for 5 days. Survival to reignite the mojo to keep going. Will start Yoga there & then continue. I was shocked to find out my bone density in my hips & spine is thin – ESP spine & is pre osteoporotic !! To reassess why?? Have a cold & best get sleep. Thinking of you both & say a pray for me in such as you wander such a beautiful land xx Love MA XX

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  2. Havnt heard from you for awhile so you must still be on your walk anyway just to let you know All good here getting ready to go to Thredbo for the wedding it’s going to be freezing But I am sure we will all have a good time bowen is pretty quiet not even many southerners I think you got out at the right time even iga doesn’t seem too busy and pubs seem to be having A bad time though the gv seems to be holding its own a new Vietnamese restaurant. Has opened where food freaks used to be it should do ok because there are lots of Asians aroundv Col. Lowcock is 99 on wed having a party at montes no more news love joy

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